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Pallet Services

Pallets For Sale

C & C Pallet has 30 years of experience in sourcing wood pallets, manufacturing, and sales. We specialize in both recycled and new pallets. Our pallets are built from quality materials and precision workmanship with attention to the fine details. Every pallet is thoroughly inspected by a tenured team member to ensure that our strict standards are met.

Pallet Recycling

C & C Pallet will pick up your pallets, you can bring pallets to our yard or we can provide a drop trailer at your location. We are large enough to meet the strict requirements of the largest corporations, yet being locally owned provides us flexibility with a detail oriented team that wants to exceed your expectations. We’ll customize a pallet program specific to your needs, large or small.

We Buy Pallets

If you have pallets that you no longer need, even if some are broken beyond repair and others that just need some replacement boards, C & C Pallet will make them like new again. Bring us your pallets, call for a pallet pick up or request a drop trailer at your location. We buy pallets of all sizes, standard and custom, for a fair price. Call us for specifics based on what you have.

Pallet Management Services

Our specialties are pallet recycling, purchasing pallets, repair and return services, and providing drop trailers. Our pallet management services are custom designed to meet your specific needs. If you’re lacking warehouse space, want pallets off your dock and would like to focus on your business and not the pallet business, allow C & C Pallet to manage your pallet inventory so pallets are there when you need them and not under your feet when you want them out of the way.

Companies We Serve

Industries We Serve

Medical, Shipping, Produce, Beverage, Retail, Grocery, Furniture, Automotive, Paper and Packing, Oil and Gas, Relocation, Landscaping, Construction, and more.